Chicken Jal Frezi


½ kilo boneless chicken breasts

4 onions, sliced

4 tomatoes, peeled and diced

10 green chillies, finely chopped

1 inch ginger root finely chopped and crushed to a paste

6 cloves garlic, well chopped

1 handful of both mint and coriander leaves, fresh

2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 cup cooking oil

6 eggs

1 tbsp garam masala (see recipe)

1 tbsp cumin seeds

1 curry leaf

1 tbsp thyme

1 tsp turmeric

salt and pepper to taste.


Put chicken breasts into a pan with 11/2 cups of water and boil them until only half a cup of water is left. Remove chicken from the water and allow to cool. Then shred the meat.

Cut the mint and coriander leaves into small pieces and mix half with the eggs and a pinch of salt. Reserve the rest until later.

Put half the sliced onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, spices, tomatoes and chillies along with salt and pepper into the remaining water and cook them over a medium heat, stirring until all the water has evaporated. Now add the oil to the pot and stir it into the mixture. Cook for a further2-3 minutes. Add the shredded chicken and the remaining onions and cook on a low heat for 5 mins. Now put the egg mixture into the pot with the other ingredients and cook for 5-7 mins.

Remove from the heat and mix in the mint, coriander and lemon juice, cover it and leave to stand for 5mins.

Now it’s ready to serve. Try it with pitta, chapattis, naan or other breads.
This has Taste and is a Treat.

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