Hareer is another “wonder drug” from Ayurvedic medicine. It’s the fruit of a tree and is used as a cure all. I’m told the English name for it is Black Myrobalan, or Chebulic Myrobalan, but have to confess that I am none the wiser for knowing that so I will continue to call it Hareer. I was first introduced to Hareer when I had had a very bad fever and possibly dysentery, so I was feeling weak and fairly awful.
The doctor prescribed it for me as well as other high protein iron-rich foods. I was given hareer murabba, a preserve of this fruit to try and of course I really loved its flavour. I didn’t know what it was but determined to find out. This is the result of that research.

There are three types of hareer, known in Sanskrit as Haritaki, Vibhitaki and Arjuna. The names are given in Sanskrit as this is the language of the Ayurvedic medical texts. Haritaki is Terminalia cheboula, Vibhitaki, Terminalia belerica and Arjuna, Terminalia arjuna. The Arabs introduced Terminalia belerica (bastard myrobalan) into Europe, having discovered its healing properties from the Indians. The medicinal properties of the fruit and only the bark of Terminalia arjuna or arjuna are known in other Asian countries including Thailand and Tibet, but the trees are native to the Indian subcontinent, and perhaps to the Himalayan regions.Hareer is related to Terminalia catappa or the Indian almond too.

The fruit has been used since ancient times as an anti inflammatory, analgesic, digestive, liver stimulant, diuretic, expectorant, antispasmodic and the list goes on. It has undergone clinical trials which seem to support these old treatments, but more trials are underway as most tests have been on rats. One test saw a higher volume of sperm and increased potency in male rats, so it may have benefits for males who have low sperm counts and other problems relating to erections.
 Another test carried out in vitro concluded that the extract of methanol from the fruit had the potential to halt the growth of cancerous cells in leukaemia.It’s good to heal wounds by making a paste of 3 hareer fruit and 3 betel nuts and ghee or oil and placing it on the wound. It gets rid of any pus and thoroughly cleans the wound. The same paste can be applied to haemorrhoids.

In decoctions hareer is good for sore throats and to heal mouth ulcers, bleeding gums and other oral problems. As an anti-inflammatory it is used in urethral ailments such as vaginal discharge and spermatorrhea, and the fruit will lower cholesterol levels.

In Hindu mythology it is said that the Terminalia chebula was created from drops of ambrosia which fell to earth while Indra (king of the gods) was drinking it.


  1. Very informative.
    Heard about it from my husband, I didn't have a clue what it was. He bought some as a preserve. It had a strange whiff to it which put me off trying it. By the way, what does it taste like?
    I feel I know a little bit more now!

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  2. It tastes awesome !

  3. very good i am using it 4 digestive problem and i got positive results.especially who have gas problem must try this.

  4. very good for gas problems

  5. its use lower the blood pressure

  6. does it have any beneficial effect on hair and eye sight?

    1. The relative of hareer, Terminalia belerica, or bastard myrobalan could be what you need. This is from our post: "the fruit and its kernels are made into hair oil to promote hair growth and make hair black"

    2. This is what the same post says regarding bastard myrobalan and eyesight: "A paste made of the fruit is sometimes put on the eyelids for conjunctivitis and is also used for other eye problems such as cataracts in other preparations."

    3. i just turned 25 (unmarried) and most of my hair are already white.. u have no idea how worried iam..
      my mother told me to have hareer with milk at night..

      okay here my real question is.. how many should i take? it has to be taken at night?
      its just harreeer or dere is special kind of hareer for white hair problem?

      lastly .. is dere any expiry date of harreer? or dats fine even if is 5years old?

    4. Five year old hareer is well passed its expiry date.
      Try to find this season's hareer, and you should start with three or four of the hareer murhabba and then drink the warm milk. If you can;t do that, soak the hareer murhabba in the arm milk and let them cool, then eat the hareer and drink the milk.
      This recipe with misri and fennel is also good for you to try: click on the link http://www.herbs-treatandtaste.blogspot.com/2010/07/fennel-leaves-fennel-stalks-fennel.html
      Once or twice a week take 100 gr. mustard oil in a pan and add three cloves of garlic and cook them until they become black. Throw them away and allow the oil to cool and keep in a bottle. Two or three times a week, massage this oil into the scalp so that it nourishes your hair roots.
      Good luck!

  7. it is very nice. i am using the small size preserved. it is useful of digestion.

  8. where would you find it , which shop sell this in the UK pls? thanks

  9. You could try Indian supermarkets and small shops owned by people from the Indian subcontinent.

  10. what quantity is recommended to be taken to enhance sex performance and how?

  11. i have heard from someone about murrabba hareer that it is good for hair growth and for eye vision . kindly inform me if its true?

  12. The relative of hareer, Terminalia belerica, or bastard myrobalan could be what you need. This is from our post: "the fruit and its kernels are made into hair oil to promote hair growth and make hair black"
    This is what the same post says regarding bastard myrobalan and eyesight: "A paste made of the fruit is sometimes put on the eyelids for conjunctivitis and is also used for other eye problems such as cataracts in other preparations."
    However the hareer murraba will not do you any harm.

  13. It is also best for your eyes sight. There are so many benefits. Always use it with milk specially when sleep.

  14. is it beneficial for face wrinkles?

  15. I got the order to export Hareer kindly suggest me where from should i purchase it in a huge quantity.....

  16. what cal it in urdu?? means in pakistan what we say to merchnts,,offcors they wil nt undrstand the word hareer,,kindly tel me

  17. Hi Abbas, Thanks for making me Aware about Haritaki's uses as it helps in removing the Toxins and improves Digestion. Thanks for sharing your post.

  18. if i use harar s water for digestive problem...i mean harar will be dip in water whole night and then in take?

  19. i am stuck in this canker sours problem and my mouth is full canker sours (CHALAY) they are very pain full and cant eat or drink properly kindly suggest what i take the hareer i have the best quality got from my village.
    i am taking half tea spoon at night with water is that alright ?

  20. Mo k chalo k liye ye achi hoti hay ye ?

  21. I had stomach upset, flatulance and a flat heart beat( feeling of missed beat) 2-3 times in a minute. My ECG was normal. Nothing helped for the last 6 months. A street herbalist adviced me 1/2 teaspoon of Hareer powder with water daily in the morning. The very second day my missing heart bea was disappeared and never reoccoured since then

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    herbal sexualogist
    kisi bhe bemari ke liye ap
    or helpline no :923144055312
    per rabta kar sakty hain or apne dawa tiyar karwa sakty hain or worldwide home delivery per mangwa bhe sakty hain

  23. Aoa can anyone tell me where i can find this in south Africa?

  24. Whether hareer use after wash or not

  25. Whether hareer use after wash or not

  26. thanks for giving me a such type of information and i use it TERMINALIA CHEBULA, HARITAKI for digestive problem and i got positive results.for more result related to ayurvedic medicines.

  27. I hv severe constipation problem.Can i use it during pregnency?if yes then how much?

  28. My uncle aged 80yrs is taking a powdered mixture of herbs but is facing constipation and hemorrhoids.some of the ingredients are hareer, baheera, amla, kalaunji, khashkhash, saunf, almonds,walnuts, misri, maghaz dhania and maghaz binola.Can you please guide which ingredients can cause the problems mentioned above?

  29. the murabba is made from fresh hareer? i want to make my own murabba i wonder if i will find it in local shops of pakistan

  30. is it beneficial for conceive

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