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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In winter most people feel down and rather jaded after a fun, warm summer, but this syrup helps boost the immune system so that you can ward off colds and flu, as well as coughs. If you have any of these then this will help get rid of it and it also helps to ease muscle pains. It also raises your spirits and can be taken every morning before you brave the cold outside world.
    One of Nature’s most beneficial gifts is honey, and if you take honey in hot milk or water every night, you will see a general improvement in your overall health.
   The following syrup recipe will help to keep you healthy through the winter, so you can avoid the doctor and illnesses associated with winter.

500 gr honey
20 gr cinnamon
20 gr cloves
20 gr green tea
50 gr kolanjan (galangal)
20 gr violet flowers (banafshah)
20 gr goazban (borage) flowers
2 litres water

Alpinia galanga
In a pestle and mortar, crush all the ingredients except for the honey and water, very well.
Steep these ingredients in the water for 24 hours.
After 24 hours heat the liquid and boil so that the liquid is reduced by half.
Add the honey and cook on a low heat for 5 mins.
Leave to cool then pour into sterile bottles and make sure the tops are airtight.

Infants 2-5 drops a day only.
Children aged 3-5 years half a teaspoon per day.
Older children 1 teaspoon per day.
Adults 2-4 teaspoons per day.
You can use the syrup with hot milk or hot water.
This has Taste and is a Treat(ment).

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