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Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is very tasty and the imli (tamarind) water makes this dish special. However some people don’t like it so you can serve the water separately. If everyone likes it then stir it into the mixture. People eat it during Ramadan to break their fast as it is light and easy to eat. The main meal is served later.
  In India and Pakistan this is a very popular dish and there are many street vendors who sell it. People take advantage of this as it can be time-consuming to make as here the chickpeas are soaked overnight and then cooked for hours until they are tender.

½ kilo potatoes peeled and boiled whole in salted water.
250 gr chickpeas cooked until tender (in salted water)
2 onions, finely sliced, or chopped into small pieces
2 tomatoes chopped into small pieces
2 green chillies, finely sliced
½ handful fresh mint leaves, finely shredded
100 gr imli (tamarind) boiled in four glasses of water and the liquid reduced by half
4 tbsps lemon juice
1 tbsp garam masala powder
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
chilli powder and salt to taste

Leave the potatoes to cool and then cut them into cubes.
Drain the chickpeas and add them to the potatoes.
Now add the vegetables and mint leaves. Mix well and add the spices and lemon juice and mix well. At this stage it can be put in the fridge for later use.
When ready to serve, put on plates and serve imli water separately. It is better not to put the mixture in the fridge with the imli water already in it.
This has Taste and is a Treat.

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